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Posted by robbymilana on April 16, 2010

Adverb adalah kata yang menerangkan kata kerja (Verb), kata sifat (Adjective), atau Adverbs lainnya.. Adverbs digunakan untuk memberikan informasi mengenai kata kerja) yang digunakan dalam suatu kalimat yaitu dengan menjelaskan bagaimana, kapan, atau dimana sebuah aksi (yang dijelaskan oleh kata kerja terkait) dilakukan.

Contoh-contoh adverbs yaitu antara lain: beautifully, tiredly, typically, completely, surprisingly, always, soon, however. Contoh adverbs yang menjelaskan kata kerja: He sang beautifully, I’m coming soon, You always laugh at me.

Ada 10 golongan Adverb dalam bahasa Inggris, yakni (1) Adverbs of Manner, (2) Adverb of Time, (3) Adverb of Place, (4) Adverb of Degree, (5) Interogative Adverb, (6) Adverb of Affirmation, (7) Adverb of Probability, (8) Adverb of Negation, (9) Adverb of Quantity, dan (10) Relative Adverb.

Adverb of Manner adalah Adverb yang menerangkan bagaimana suatu perbuatan dilakukan atau bagaimana suatu peristiwa terjadi. Contoh : actively, anyhow, boldly, calmly, carefully, distincly, easily, exactly, fast, gladly, how, intentionally, late, promptly, quickly, quietly, simply, sincerely, still, suddenly, together, willingly, wisely, wrongly, rapidly, immediatelly, slowly, dkk.

Adverb of Time adalah kata yang menerangkan kapan suatu peristiwa atau perbuatan itu terjadi. Contoh : always, never, immediately, before, frequently, lately, recently soon, today, still, yet, presently, shortly, now, yesterday, tonight, tomorrow, dkk. Adverb of Frequency (always, sometimes, never, etc) termasuk ke dalam golongan Adverb of Time.

Adverb of Place adalah Adverb yang menyatakan tempat terjadinya peristiwa atau perbuatan. Contoh : here, there, above, abroad, across, along, around, away, somewhere, anywhere, nowhere to run.
Adverb of Degree yaitu Adverb yang menerangkan sampai seberapa jauh atau sampai pada tingkat apa suatu keadaan itu terjadi. Contoh : Absolutely, completely, deeply, greatly, exactly, extreemly, exceptionally, perpectly, fairly, rather, dkk.

Adverb of Affirmation is Adverb yang mengekspresikan sesuatu atau situasi. Contoh: It’s practically impossible to know all English Words, She is decidedly better at English.


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